2020 Indiana Bacon Festival Virtual 5K

Join us for our first virtual 5K! Here's how it works: You run, walk, bike, swim, row, elliptical, exercise or even crawl 3.1 miles any way you see fit. (Hey, you could use your daily activities from your fitness tracker! We're not picky. The point is to have fun!)

You don't have to finish in a certain number of minutes (or hours!); you just have to register by September 25 and complete your miles by September 30. Everyone who signs up gets a souvenir T-shirt and we'll throw in a few fun BACON items, too! The $30 entry fee covers your prizes and the shipping for your items. The best thing is that the money goes to our nonprofits that help seniors, children, veterans and more! Put your time, if you want to, on our Facebook event page. Better yet, share a photo of you getting your miles in!

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